i7yON5hwI have been a creative artist from early childhood. As a kid, home for Summer vacation in CT, I built retainer walls in my parents 3 acres of landscaped gardens. I created paintings and drawings while watching TV with my family. Sewed sculptured pillows and clothing and even tap danced on our fireplace hearth.

Professional graphic design started in the 80’s from The University of Bridgeport, CT, then 
illustration and oil painting at The University of New Mexico. Before the Mac came out, I was making slipcovers for an interior design company, then 1986 I dove into the computer using Pagemaker, 
then Quark, onto Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I hope to become expert in Wordpress in 2021 so I have another digital design venue.

Because I love diversity, my design expertise includes graphics for print and web, illustration in many mediums and styles, painting, portraiture, sewing design/construction, gardening and landscaping. I love all of my work, but my favorite projects are designing children’s books from inside out, 
building rock walls and pathways, and large scale drawings, sewing slipcovers for furniture. I hope to have my own line of unisex coats to sell online.