o Expertise summary:

• Pro level Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, prepress and production.
• Web and print formatting.
• Large & small scale paintings, illustrations.
• Creative and conventional sewing. Slipcover business – Clothing For Furniture.
• Reclaiming gardens and designing new, landscape design, stone
wall design/build. Supervising and managing hardscaping, plantings and purchasing.

o Graphic design, illustration and fine art:

Freelance illustrator, designer, and fine artist.
Private and commercial clients nationwide. Large and small projects
including print and web graphics, paintings, drawings, technical, realistic,
and whimsical illustrations.

Inner Traditions, Inc., Rochester, VT.
Production artist and illustrator responsible for updating Quark and
Pagemaker text and illustration files with Q2ID, creating new book
illustrations, and page layouts. Extensive style sheet construction for
new and reprint books.

Threads Magazine, Taunton Press, Newtown, CT.
Associate Art Director - Page layouts, 75% of the editorial and technical
illustrations both hand drawn and digital for each magazine.
Established relationships with editors, freelancers, illustrators, photographers,
and their reps. Extensive color proofing and image manipulation.

Murals Art.
2 large scale murals: 6x16 feet, 20 Carrots Natural Foods in Albuquerque NM.,
and a private residence in CT, 4x16 feet.

o Books:

Instructional, & nonfiction books.
• Before We Went Wireless, by David Edward.
• Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies, Elanor Lynn
• House Beautiful - Designed To Order, by C.J.Petersen
• Scrubbing the Scalded Pot (web), by Nicole Matthew
• Standardized Education: Moving America to the Right, by Arthur Leiber
• Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Knitting Book II, by the Editors of Vogue Magazine.
• Stern Structural Arithmetic: Fraction Book 1, by Margaret Stern

Fiction books
• All The Dancing Birds, by Auburn McCanta
• Closure of the Help Desk - A Geek Tragedy, by Ali Sheikh
• Come Together and Soul Murder, by Brett Valette
• J1T, by Rosemary Chaulk
• Some Glad Morning, by Gary Horton
• The Amazon Ladies’ Caper, by Esther Royer Ayers

Children’s books
• Buddies, A Math Adventure, by Suzy Koontz
• Layla’s Summer Vacation, by K. C. Gradisher
• Loving The Game, by Pete Hines
• Mr. Fox and Mr. Raccoon Go To Bethlehem: A Story Of Jesus’s Birth, by Lloyd Holmes
• Pearls Of Wisdom, by James Samuel
• The Bully Blues, by Jane Pinczuk
• The Butterfly, by Bill Baker
• The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie - Book 1, by John Norton
• The Witch Who Wasn’t, by Anabella Ritzer
• Toto The Tornado Kitten books, by Jonathan Hall
• We Met On A Tuesday Morning, by Amina Chaudhri

o Garden design and landscaping

• Large scale home gardens, paths, with mass plantings, soil grading, stone retaining

o Professional sewing

• Seamstress at The Hot Air Balloon Factory in Albuquerque, NM using a variety of industrial sewing machines. Repairing balloons, creating large scale fabric signs, Sandia National Laboratory computerized vests from blueprints.
• Custom made hot air balloon coveralls for pilots.
• Over 400 masks for Vermont Health Department.
• Clothing For Furniture - Private business designing/constructing slipcovers for furniture.
• Conventional clothing and other items including a child’s bean bag puppet. Line of linen,
silk and leather duster coats, pants, tops, vests.
• Over 100 virus masks for local hospitals.

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